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ID de l'offre : 982

Secteur d'activité : Startup

Domaine d'activité de l'offre : Start-up - SaaS

Durée :

Type de contract : Stage

Possibilité de télétravail : Oui

Compétence requise :

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Offre disponible grâce à France Digital : Confinés… mais recrutés !

10-30 personnes

SHAREKEY, the most Private Collaboration Platform.

We empower every person and every organisation on the planet to work privately and remotely. We change the way we work, collaborate and communicate.

We built a new communication & workspace ecosystem, All-in-One, Privacy centric, user friendly, beautifully designed, powered by quantum resistant encryption & blockchain. People and Enterprises can now fully own and control their sensitive data and digital assets.

SHAREKEY is the true European alternative to the existing mainly US based collaboration platforms.

We are based in Zug in Switzerland and active member of the Crypto Valley. We are targeting the European market with our office based in Paris.

Following our recent Serie A, we are looking for passionated talents to scale.
Join us !

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Région : Île-de-France

Départment : 75 - Paris

Ville : Paris

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