Full stack developer

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ID de l'offre : 977

Secteur d'activité : Startup

Domaine d'activité de l'offre : Start-up - Fintech

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Type de contract : Stage

Possibilité de télétravail : Oui

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Offre disponible grâce à France Digital : Confinés… mais recrutés !

10-30 personnes

Seqvoia reinvents product management for the asset management industry by providing a full digital experience to product managers to ideate, design, launch and maintain their products.
Our suite of software delivers easy to use consistent information to all stakeholders in the lifecycle of an investment product lifecycle while dramatically cutting the time-to-market by automating data exchanges across departments, systems and to the regulator.
Last but not least, our solution cuts down dramatically reporting time required to demonstrate good product governance to national competent authorities.

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Région : Luxembourg

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Ville : Luxembourg

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